Creating investment opportunities from your content


Content valuation is one of the cornerstones of the media business linking corporate finance, distribution and investment.

Some thoughts from a few of SouthEast Asia’s leading content valuation experts – Kevin Balhetchet, Chief Executive, HUB MEDIA GROUP; Justin Deimen, Group Managing Partner, AURORA MEDIA HOLDINGS; Chan Gin Kai, Executive Producer, SILVER MEDIA GROUP and John Caldon, Managing Director, FLAME MEDIA

Kevin Balhetchet:

“…understand the scenarios.” “…know the producers objectives… and what sort of markets the property can be exposed to.” “My Job is to understand the context of the property and how it relates to consumer spending.”

Justin Deimen:

“In order to invest and how much we’re willing to invest, we need to know its potential…..that comes from creating a matrix of qualified estimates to anticipate and assume the sales and exposure of the brand.” “…content valuation is essentially IP valuation which is ultimate used to create company valuations. An that’s the real deal.”

Chan Gin Kai:

“Figuring out the grand strategy of your content and IPs is the most important first step.”  “Why are you creating this IP and brand?’ “Having that value chain planned out early shows the life-cycle and true worth of your content’s potential.”

John Caldon:

“TV rights valuation is not only affected by the genre, but is also significantly affected by its final finish or ‘cut’. So the subject matter is complex.”

Why is Asia lagging behind in this practice?

Kevin Balhetchet:

“Fragmented markets and the age of media industries play a big part.”  Some Asian ….“strong domestic markets don’t really need to move beyond their border.”

Justin Deimen:

“Too many producers in this part of the world look at their content in very limited terms. They look for investment or commission to make short-term production profits on inflated production budgets.” This leads to lose of “ambition of building infrastructure”

 Chan Gin Kai:

“We need more critical understanding of the media finance industry”. “Co-producing between countries also strengthens the bridge of content flow and valuation”