Flame attendance at MIPCOM proved very productive

The Flame team reported that they had very productive meetings with clients at MIPCOM.  300 hours of new content was presented along with a new-look catalogue which garnered a lot of interest. The titles which produced a lot of interest from buyers were Bahama Blue, Redesign My Brain and Francis Brennan's Grand Indian Tour.

Bahama Blue

Duration/Format:                6 x 46’, HD

Genre:                                    Nature & Wildlife / Documentary

Bahama Blue is an innovative series that explores the islands of the Bahamas in a search for wildlife. Past the white sand beaches and beneath idyllic turquoise water lies one of the fiercest natural habitats in the world.  Its picture perfect beauty draws us into a world where life and death unfold in natural and sometimes horrifying order. The series focuses on how this struggle plays out within the unique geographical features of the Bahamas including mangroves, deep blue water, sand flats, coral, as well as caves and blue holes - features that both define and interact with the diverse wildlife.

Producer:                              Parallax Film Productions Inc

Broadcaster:                        UKTV, ARTE, France; Discovery Latin America, Pacific Rim & Central South                                                   Asia; Discovery India & China; Discovery Italy; Discovery Europe, Middle East                                               & Africa

Year of Production:              2015

Redesign My Brain

Duration/Format:  S1: 3x1hr FORMAT ONLY, HD & S2: 3 x 1hr,HD

Genre:                                    Science & Technology

In 2013, Todd Simpson put brain training to the test in the ground-breaking series Redesign My Brain. This unique, transformative and interactive experience ended up as one of the most watched Australian science documentary series . Todd continues this incredible journey in Redesign My Brain, Series 2.

Episode 1: HELP ME ADAPT

Todd will discover how to become more Adaptable. To prove that it is possible he will be challenged to climb a 120-metre rock-face blindfolded.


Todd sets out to improve his Senses: sight, hearing and touch. To prove that his sensory perception has been enhanced, Todd will compete in a safe-cracking competition.

Episode 3: MAKE ME BRAVE

Todd will learn how to best Manage Fear. To demonstrate it is possible to overcome fear Todd will walk on a wire across two skyscrapers – a world first for someone new to wire walking.

Producer:                              Mindful Media Pty Ltd

Commissioned by:                ABC Australia & Discovery Networks International

Broadcasters:                       ABC Australia; Discovery Networks International; Discovery Science, USA;                                                    TV Ontario, Canada; Société Radio-Canada        

Year of Production:             S1: 2013 & S2: 2015

Francis Brennan’s Grand Indian Tour

Duration/Format:                 6 x 30’, HD

Genre:                                    Travel & Adventure

Ireland’s best known hotelier and star of Hotel Fixer, Francis Brennan, is also a man with a serious passion for travel. He’s putting his 5-star day job on hold and taking 12 paying guests on a surprise trip of a lifetime to India! With temperatures reaching a record breaking 51 degrees during the tour, can Francis keep his cool as he deals with facts, figures and a jam-packed 24/7 schedule that leaves no room for error – not to mention the threat of Delhi Belly!

The viewer will also enjoy stunning visuals, pick up travel tips and get an insight into Indian society and culture. This is a gorgeous travelogue accompanied by heart-warming human reaction to new experiences.

Producer:                               Waddell Media Limited

Broadcaster:                         RTE Ireland

Year of Production:              2016

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