Flame Distribution seeking Pre-Sales At Realscreen

Flame will be attending Realscreen Summit in New Orleans with a slate of exciting new projects seeking pre-sales and co-production partners.

The varied slate includes The Apollo Scandal (produced by the Tinker Group), a one off documentary on the incredible true story that rocked NASA. Casting a new light on the Apollo programme and many of those involved, it reveals the secret history of Man’s first – and so far only – artistic foray to another world.

The series Cave Hunters (produced by Making Movies) follows the fears and exhilarations of a group of extreme speleologists in a series of expeditions to explore ancient cave systems, discover new life forms and the remains of extinct species.

Colours (5 x one hour) is a documentary series exploring the immense influence colours have on our lives; depending on culture, ethnicity and community, they are a sign and a stimulus, triggering off feelings, bearing open or hidden messages. The series is co-produced by Making Movies & Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion with ZDF, CICC & Arte and shot in China.

Wonders of the Eastern Australia Currents is a blue chip natural history series exploring the biology and global significance of the East Australian Current. Shot in 8K using award-winning cinematographers and featuring respected experts, the series aims not only to captures the spectacular beauty of Australia’s east coast, but also to explore the profound importance that all ocean currents have on the lives of people all over the world. The 3 x one hour series is being produced by Wild Pacific Media and commissioned by the ABC in Australia.

Dr James and his Bizarre Beasts (6 x one hour) follows an engaging and passionate young Australian vet who runs a specialist exotic and native Australian animal veterinary practice. The series produced by Metamorflix has been commissioned by Channel 9 in Australia. Metamorflix Head of Development Mike Bluett will be attending Realscreen along with Llinos Griffin-Williams, Executive Producer, Factual & International co-productions at Flame Distribution.

Ahead of the conference, Llinos Griffin-Williams commented: “I’m looking forward to discussing such an exciting slate at Realscreen, from stunning blue chip natural history and landscape documentaries to adventure, science and history to name a few. Epic factual content with stories at the heart of the narrative and high production values across the board. I’m fortunate to work with such diverse and talented producers across the world.”

Flame Distribution is pleased to announce that Lynn Lugsden has been appointed SVP, Sales and Content Funding.… https://t.co/WoOKsZ37JS