Flame Media Launches New Stock Video Library

Flame Media is excited to announce the launch of its stock video library FlameStock.TV and its exclusive footage clipping service.

FlameStock.TV is a footage site made by producers for producers. Its aim to save content creators money and time, but to also deliver distinctive, exciting visuals. Flame’s footage clipping service offers producers a no-fuss way to monetise their surplus vision.

Flame Media’s CEO John Caldon explains: “We are in the unique and enviable position of having direct access to many producers. Their support ensures our library boasts breath-taking landscapes, extraordinary wildlife, awe-inspiring nature, real life and more. We offer our producers a simple, low risk and cost effective way to generate revenue from idle content. Our team clip, grade and metadata their material creating stock vision, which is placed on our own, as well as footage libraries around the world. We really are a footage library made by producers for producers.”

The launch of FlameStock.TV is part of Flame Media’s expansion into areas outside of the usual production and distribution business models in order to offer a suite of fully integrated services to content producers and buyers across all platforms.

Flame Stock is part of Flame Media, an internationally focused media organisation offering a suite of fully integrated services to content producers and buyers across all platforms. It also includes an international content distribution company with offices in Sydney, Singapore, Greece, Philippines and London and representation in Latin and North America; production companies, Wildflame in UK, Flame GmbH in Germany, and Flame Productions Australia; multifunctional, sound-controlled Flame Studio Sydney and a project finance, mergers and acquisitions advisory service.

For further information please contact:

Jo Anne Calabria,

Flame Stock’s Manager:


FLAME STOCK TV: https://flamestock.tv/