New Exciting Titles

Flame Distribution has recently acquired few new exciting titles:

• As Britain celebrates 100 years since some women won the vote, BBC documentary Emmeline Pankhurst: The Making of a Militant (Saffron Cherry Productions) takes a rare look at the political activist and global icon Emmeline Pankhurst’s personal story - the loves, losses, political passions and tragedies that motivated this remarkable figure…

• History doc Lost & Found: The Search for USS Lagarto (Moshman Productions) follows the discovery of a lost WWII submarine, missing for more than sixty years and the mystery of why her crew did not escape.

• In Occupation Native (Brindle Films) Aboriginal filmmaker Trisha Morton-Thomas rewrites the widely accepted, racist and incorrect view of Indigenous Australian culture and history, which has long suffused school curriculum and informed social attitudes.

• Lifestyle FOOD series Tasting Tasmania (Creative Media Productions) follows chef Ben Milbourne as he takes off on a new adventure circumnavigating and exploring the culinary paradise of his home, Tasmania.