The Kingdom: How Fungi Made the World’ Screening— Conversation Starters 2019: Temperature Rising

The Kingdom: How Fungi Made the World’ will be screening at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on the 1st of June 2019 | at 12 – 1:30pm.

Witness a film on the largest and oldest organisms alive today. Fungi brought life back to Earth after the last mass extinction, and their untapped power have the potential to help our species to survive on our poisoned, depleted and warmer planet. In the context of evolution and natural history, scientists are looking at fungi and making life-changing discoveries. Some fungi will save us, others will threaten us, and we are just beginning to differentiate between the two.

Following the screening, join artist Diego Bonetto for a Q&A, reflecting on the themes and ideas explored in the documentary.

Presented as a part of Conversation Starters 2019: Temperature Rising, a weekend of art, discussion and action.

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