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A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing & Wild Cooking with Analiese Gregory

Sit back, relax and let a little wildness in…

This stunning 8 x 30-minute original series joins world-renowned chef, Analiese Gregory, over a year like no other, as she steps out of the commercial kitchen – and strives to build a new life for herself, close to nature. From the age of sixteen, Analiese has been making a name for herself in some of the world’s most famous restaurants. But while her career was sky-rocketing, something was missing. At 35, she felt burnt-out and dissatisfied. So, she’s taking the biggest risk of her life. She’s left her career as a restaurant chef, and bought a century-old cottage at the bottom of the world, in pristine Tasmania, Australia.

We share her journey of discovery as she gets under the skin of her new home… and learns to live seasonally off the land, to hunt, fish and forage. In each episode, Analiese develops new skills, experiences the ups-and-downs of country life, and embarks on a wild cooking adventure. We join her as she immerses herself in the spectacular beauty and challenges of her new life. Can she reinvent herself – and rediscover her passion for food, living and cooking?

With breathtaking visuals and landscapes, A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Cooking is an aspirational and captivating lifestyle series that transcends the genre of the cooking show.

  • Genre:
    Adventure | Fishing | Food
  • Broadcaster:
    SBS Australia
  • Producer:
    Southern Pictures & Broken Yellow
  • Duration:
    8 x 30min
  • Format: