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Rare Breed Series 6

Ireland’s hugely successful series ‘Rare Breed – A Farming Year’ is back for its sixth year and it’s been a traumatic time on some of our farms. One farmer has a heart attack and his four daughters must take over running the farm. Another is hit by a huge storm and then a devastating fire almost wipes out a flock of sheep. Unpredictable weather and disease also cause havoc in one of the most challenging years for Ireland’s farming community.

This ground-breaking 12-part documentary series charts the agricultural year through the lives of farmers working in a variety of enterprises -- tillage, beef cattle, dairy, potato, goat, turkey and sheep. Each ‘Rare Breed’ episode captures the highs and lows of every calendar month of the year.

‘Rare Breed – A Farming Year’ gives a unique insight into the people behind this massively important industry. The series reflects the working lives on a range of farms – all contribute to our most important industry. Working hand in hand with nature and the weather we see how young and old share in this seasonal rhythm that brings food from the soil to our kitchen table. Every sector of the farming industry has its own seasonal timetable. All are at the mercy of our notoriously fickle weather and the challenges of fluctuating prices paid for their produce.

‘Rare Breed – A Farming Year’ is now in its sixth season. It features a variety of full and part-time farmers working in everything from small, new enterprises to long established businesses across the country – from Waterford to Antrim, Clare to Kilkenny.

This is an unmissable insight into the people at the heart of one of Ireland’s largest and oldest industries.

  • Genre:
  • Broadcaster:
  • Producer:
    Crawford McCann for UTV Northern Island
  • Duration:
    12 x 30 min
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