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Arm Nation

For most people, the idea of arm wrestling conjures up images of brawny men hunched over beer soaked tables in the back of a bar room. The new documentary series Arm Nation challenges all that! Arm Nation focuses on the training, competitions and personal life challenges of a dozen Indigenous men and women who seriously train, coach and compete in one of the world’s oldest sports. Each dynamic and intimate episode follows two ‘pullers’ working their way through smaller tournaments to eventually compete at the prestigious Nationals. But life throws all kinds of difficult curves their way as they hold down day jobs, raise families, and cope with injuries and illnesses as they strive to win big in this fast-growing sport.

  • Genre:
    Lifestyle | Sport
  • Broadcaster:
    APTN Canada
  • Producer:
    Picture This Productions
  • Duration:
    13 x 30"
  • Format: