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Best of Outback Truckers

Toughest Roads:

On this Outback Truckers special it’s only the brave, the experienced or the darn right crazy who dare take on Australia’s toughest roads. The environment at its most extreme, trucking at its toughest. In the world’s longest, heaviest trucks. One man has seen and done it all - Steve Grahame - better known as the Outback Legend.

Epic Loads:

The loads you never thought possible, the biggest, the heaviest and the longest. In the land Down Under, where the terrain is tough, the weather extreme and the towns remote. Getting there takes a special kind of truck built for power and strength, and a special kind of trucker, highly skilled with nerves of steel. We reveal the toughest, the craziest, the most epic loads of all time.

Mega Mishaps:

When the going gets tough, sometimes the tough stuff up! The break downs, nightmares and bad decisions in the longest, heaviest trucks in the world. In a country where everything’s delivered by road, the stakes are high. If the trucks stop the nation stops. This is the countdown to Outback Truckers’ mega mishaps. The essential guide to what can go wrong in one of the toughest places on the planet.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Cars & Motors
  • Broadcaster:
    Discovery Channel
  • Producer:
    Prospero Productions
  • Duration:
    3x 45'
  • Format: