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Condemned to Remember

70 years after the crushing of the Third Reich, is civil society in the countries that were decimated by the Final Solution being degraded and disfigured once again by old poisonous prejudices? In this sequel to the multi-award winning film “Close to Evil” Irish Holocaust Survivor Tomi Reichental embarks on another epic journey. In “Condemned to Remember” Tomi concludes his quest to bring the convicted SS War Criminal Hilde Michnia to account for her secrets and lies. In Eastern Europe he confronts the “crisis of shame” that prevents an honest reckoning with the scale of the local collaboration and “collusion” with the Nazi extermination project. In Bosnia, Tomi embraces Muslim survivors of a genocide, who still search for the bones of their loved ones. Along the way he puts himself into the shoes of the “new Jews” of the 21st Century and discovers a strong common bond with refugees fleeing the hell that is Syria and other war torn regions of the world.

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  • Producer:
    Praxis Pictures
  • Duration:
    Feature: 1 x 90' ; TV: 1 X 70'
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