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Cooking Hawaiian Style

Cooking Hawaiian Style is more than just a cooking show, we are storytellers sharing the true essence of what makes Hawaii so special and unique by telling our story through food. What began as a simple concept focused on sharing recipes online, mostly to “expats” who were hungry for everything that reminded them of the flavours of home, to a website with more than 448,000 monthly viewers, and now to an award winning TV show that can be seen around the world by millions. Though the show has an exploded in its distribution its home grown concept remains the same, to bring the comfort foods and people that make up on our island home to audiences around the globe in an effort to share a little bit about who we are and what makes us special.

  • Genre:
    Culture | Food
  • Broadcaster:
  • Producer:
    Hawai'i Entertainment Group
  • Duration:
    13x 24'
  • Format: