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Decoding the Universe

Decoding The Universe focuses on deconstructing the science of space and how it affects our everyday lives. In this illuminating series, we explore topics such as black holes, concepts regarding worm holes, what a galaxy really is, Albert Einstein’s most famous theories, the big bang theory, the purpose of solar systems and more. All of these topics are explored through an explanatory lens, decoding the science of space and explaining how this knowledge and theories impact the regular human. Not only will you learn what the scientists know, but how they discovered it, through space archaeology and galactic astronomy. Most importantly, you’ll have an understanding of how scientists are working to find the keys to unlock the universe.

Many contemporary audiences find themselves confused and out of touch with the scientific progress our society is making every day. Often times this is exacerbated by the complexity of the explanations scientists and the media provide. Decoding the Universe provides simple and understandable explanations of complex scientific concepts that will enlighten and impart a scientific invigoration in its audiences.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Science | Technology
  • Duration:
    S01: 10 x 5", S02: 6 x 7"
  • Format: