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Fascinating New Zealand

There are landscapes that hardly anyone has entered or seen: this film takes the viewer through New Zealand from the southern edge to the northernmost tip. High-quality images from the air, on land and in the water bring paradise to the other end of the world - with boiling volcanoes, magical caves and flightless parrots ...

New Zealand is isolated in the floods of the South Pacific and has long been spared human intervention. In search of originality, the viewer gets to know the entire island state, once through the New Zealand march: From Fiordland, home of the hobbits, where lakes and fjords meander through grass-green mountain landscapes, to Cape Reinga, the northern tip, where wild horses run along the lonely sandy beaches.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Travel | Wildlife
  • Producer:
    Gebrueder Beetz FilmProduktion
  • Duration:
    1 x 90" and 2 x 60"
  • Format: