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Food Fighter

Food Fighter is the inspirational story of one woman who abandoned capitalism in favour of social activism as she wages war on food waste.

Ronni Kahn used to be a collaborator in Australia’s annual $10 billion food waste bill. Then she abandoned capitalism for social activism. Now she’s taking on government and big business to expose an inconvenient truth: that four million tonnes of food is discarded annually while two million Aussies suffer from food insecurity. Waste Nation captures Ronni lobbying at Parliament House and the United Nations; delivering rescued food and rifling through supermarket bins; witnessing technological breakthroughs; rubbing shoulders with British royalty; establishing her charity in Bangkok, London and Jo’burg; and uniting with Jamie Oliver ... It is one woman’s crusade to end food waste.

  • Genre:
  • Producer:
    Mint Pictures
  • Duration:
    1 x 90 min, 1 x 60 min
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