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Francis Brennan's Grand Indian Tour

Ireland’s best known hotelier and star of Hotel Fixer, Francis Brennan, is also a man with a serious passion for travel. He’s putting his 5-star day job on hold and taking 12 paying guests on a surprise trip of a lifetime to India! With temperatures reaching a record breaking 51 degrees during the tour, can Francis keep his cool as he deals with facts, figures and a jam-packed 24/7 schedule that leaves no room for error – not to mention the threat of Delhi Belly!

The viewer will also enjoy stunning visuals, pick up travel tips and get an insight into Indian society and culture. This is a gorgeous travelogue accompanied by heart-warming human reaction to new experiences.


  • Genre:
    Adventure | Travel
  • Broadcaster:
    RTE Ireland
  • Producer:
    Waddell Media Limited
  • Duration:
    6 x 30
  • Format: