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Gloriavale – A World Apart/Life & Death/A Woman's Place

Imagine a world where children happily do as they are told. Where wives are obedient to their husbands and your physical needs are met from cradle to grave within the resources of a single community. Gloriavale is a Christian community completely separate from society. These documentaries, made to either stand-alone or as a short series, go behind closed doors to give us an insight into this secret world.

In Gloriavale - A World Apart, we see a community of over 530 individuals led by twelve senior men who decide everything – from where you live and work, to who you can and can’t marry. Women perform the domestic duties while the men run the farming, building and manufacturing businesses.

Gloriavale – Life & Death delves into their views on birth, with families regularly made up of 10 or more children, all seen as gifts from God, and how the death of community members is a happy event because the person is going to be with God.

Gloriavale – A woman's place - Dove Love lives at tough life without many of the freedoms and choices many modern women expect. As a single girl she yearns for marriage while obediently working long hours in her community’s laundry and kitchen serving the needs of the 540 residents. 

Gloriavale is a sneak peek into a community that is completely separate from general society and an attempt to understand a world which may seem shocking in the 21st century.


SIVER AWARD MEDAL - 2016 New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards – Community Portraits category

  • Genre:
  • Broadcaster:
    TV2 New Zealand
  • Producer:
    PacificScreen for TVNZ
  • Duration:
    3 x 50’
  • Format: