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GolfBarons is a show for golfers, by golfers. It’s where golf and lifestyle meet head on, in a fun, comedic and informative celebration of this ancient, beloved pursuit. GolfBarons is very much a modern golf philosophy: Live large and happily. Play with fearless freedom. And revel in the results.

It speaks directly to golf's true believers – those who regard the experience of sharing a drink at the 19th hole as just as important as the round of golf itself.

GolfBarons tackles all aspects of the game in an entertaining yet informative manner, from quirky golf challenges to busting long-held myths, from product reviews to genuine game-changing instruction, as well as thought-provoking discussion delivered with plenty of banter.

Headed by golf journalist, Damian Shutie, long-time industry and product expert, Philip Wall, and former PGA Tour caddie, Dion Kipping, GolfBarons is all about providing expert knowledge in an entertaining manner that the game has been sorely missing.

Join this trio of mates as they explore the world of golf like it’s never been done before, each bringing a different perspective to a game that has confused, intrigued and humiliated us all at some point along the journey.

Watch as the lads risk life and limb attempting to complete the ‘Ultimate Up & Down’ challenge along a steep (yet spectacular) cliff face or find out once and for all if trees really are made up of 90 per cent air. They hit balls with wet hands and dry hands, with shoes and without shoes, playing with frozen golf balls and warm ones, and then measure the outcomes to prove or dispel every golf myth in the book, so that you don’t have to.

They put the ‘Happy Gilmore Swing’ to the ultimate test, and explore why swinging extremely slowly can ultimately increase your overall swing-speed. They attempt to play the game blind-folded, while discovering some of Australia’s hidden gems worthy of a golf trip or two.

Simply put, GolfBarons is a real golf show relatable to golfers of any ability or involvement, and who aren’t afraid to have a laugh as they learn.

It’s Golf… on steroids.

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  • Producer:
    Barons' Life
  • Duration:
    S01: 12 x 30'; S02: 12 x 30'
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