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Heart and Soul

A band of 30 high school girls brave tensions and heartbreak to triumph at Europe’s top music festivals.

The band is enjoying its most successful line-up in the band’s 22 year history but they are about to be torn apart by their own rule: when a member graduates from high school, she leaves the band – a third of them are set to graduate. With their bi-annual European tour looming, the Sweathearts face a daunting choice.

When the band is hit by three sudden departures, they struggle to present a united front. With pressure from schoolwork, part-time jobs and a hectic schedule of gigs, their preparation for Europe is rocky.

The tensions finally settle and the last gig is a triumph. Amid tearful goodbyes, musical director Ross announces the possibility of a US tour.

As one dream ends, a new one begins.

  • Genre:
    Lifestyle | Reality
  • Broadcaster:
    ABC3, Australia
  • Producer:
    Producer: 1440 Productions Pty Ltd
  • Duration:
    S1: 13 x 26', S2: 13 x 26'
  • Format: