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Hitler’s Secret Bomb

In the final months of WW2, how close were the Nazis

and Japan to creating the nuclear explosion that would
win the war? Did Nazi uranium make it to Japan in the
final hours on WW2? Were the Axis powers closer to a
bomb than we think?
In this tension-filled documentary, drama unfolds as
experts shed new light on the hardships and challenges
of a war-torn, pre-nuclear world. With startling new
information about Japan, Germany and the US, Hitler's
Secret Bomb reshapes a relevant, critical moment in time
that changed everything.
Japan was developing tools to create the world’s first
atomic bomb but lacked the raw material. Germany had
tools and uranium, but as they moved closer to defeat,
their efforts shifted to Japan. America also had tools and
material but figuring out how to build the bomb was a
nail-biting three-way chess game where each side had
tremendous plans —and hurdles. And

  • Genre:
    Documentary | War / Military
  • Broadcaster:
    Discovery Science USA
  • Producer:
    Sealight Pictures and Flame Productions for Discovery Science USA
  • Duration:
    2 x 45min & 1 x 60min & 1 x 84 min
  • Format: