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Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica

Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica takes us on a physically hard and emotionally gripping adventure across the ice; exploring the crevasses of an explorer’s mind as much as the creases and cracks of the ice itself. It draws on the wisdom of some of the greatest living adventurers as well as sharing with us the setting of world records of speed and endurance.

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and most isolated place on planet earth and 2019 marked two hundred years since we first started exploring the vast and inhospitable ice continent.

It is the place where the wind is born; where the cold calls home; and it is so isolated that there are times when modern explorers will find themselves closer to astronauts on the International Space Station than they will to anyone else on Earth.

  • Genre:
    Adventure | Documentary
  • Producer:
    Butter Media
  • Duration:
    1x 52'
  • Format: