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Inside the Merchant

Inside the Merchant  is an observational documentary series which goes behind the facade of the 5 star Merchant Hotel in Belfast. Once a bank headquarters, its grand facade now conceals a sumptuous playground for the seriously wealthy, powered by a large staff  committed to five star service. The hotel, which has been in business for ten years, is very much part of the new outward looking Northern Ireland. From hotel manager to house keeper the series follows the staff as they prepare for numerous five star events including VIP dinners, fashion shows, weddings and Christmas. 

Episode 1: 

In this episode the concierge is tasked with parking a fleet of luxury cars, the staff take on the difficult task pf cleaning Ireland's largest chandelier and the hotel hosts an afternoon tea topped with a fashion show in aid of a charity. 

Episode 2: 

In this episode the hotel hosts a VIP dinner for Northern Ireland's top hoteliers, unveils a new venture by throwing their first children's birthday party and take on a mammoth makeover transforming the roof garden into a winner wonder land. 

Episode 3: 

In this episode Manager Gavin goes in search of Northern Ireland's biggest and best Christmas tree and Belfast's biggest festive decorating extravaganza takes place behind the five-star facade. 

  • Genre:
  • Producer:
    Waddell Media
  • Duration:
    3 x 30 mins
  • Format:
    HD 1920x1080