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Jade Fever Series 1 - 5

With the demand for jade sky-rocketing in China, Claudia and Robin Bunce are in for a wild ride. They’re the unofficial mayors of the tiny hamlet of Jade city, BC, Canada. Along with partner Alan Qiao, the three own several jade claims in the area. They’ve teamed with billionaire investors from Beijing to find jade. But it’s never that simple.

A single jade boulder can be worth millions, but finding it pushes everyone to the limit. To get to the boulder fields they have to haul heavy mining equipment over a 120km dirt trail, including navigating through rivers, around rocks and over mud. Back on the mine sites, they’ve started drilling, hoping to locate solid green cores of jade. But jade cores are elusive to find and no one can agree on the best spot to drill. With tensions rising on-site, a short mining season and their investors breathing down their throats, can the Bunces strike jade and keep their town afloat?

  • Genre:
    Environment | Reality
  • Broadcaster:
    Discovery Canada
  • Producer:
    Omnifilm Entertainment
  • Duration:
    Series 1: 12 x 23', Series 2: 16 x 23’, Series 3: 12 x 23', Series 4: 14 x 23', Series 5: 14 x 23'
  • Format: