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Life Inside the Markets Series 01-03

A new series showcasing the character, colour and chaos of life inside the biggest wholesale market in the southern hemisphere. It’s a nocturnal world, where produce from the vast continent of Australia is trucked in to Sydney Markets’ massive site and then the fun begins.

With 5000 workers, from more than 130 different ethnic backgrounds, it’s a melting pot of drama, frantic negotiations and big personalities. You’ll meet families who have been operating their wholesale businesses and feeding Australia for generations.

The markets are alive with people searching to buy and sell the best produce at the best possible price and they are doing it against a daily deadline that never gives an inch. From the farm to your plate, this is a show about the drama of fresh food and flowers.

The show doubled the ratings in it’s timeslot and lets you taste the freshest fruit and veg, you’ll see flowers bloom, egos bruised, deals done and fortunes made in the dark of night.

  • Genre:
    Lifestyle | Reality
  • Broadcaster:
  • Producer:
    Hark Attack Pty Ltd
  • Duration:
    S1: 12 x 30' ; S2: 12 x 30' ; S3: 12 x 30'
  • Format: