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Lost & Found: The Search for USS Lagarto

In 1944, the submarine USS Lagartoleft a small shipyard in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and travelled 8,000 miles to serve in the war in the Pacific. While on patrol, the sub vanished after engaging a Japanese convoy in a ferocious sea battle. For 60 years nothing further was known. Then, miraculously, a British diver stumbled upon the remains of Lagartoand her crew of 86, entombed at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand.

This is the powerful story of the last battle of Lagartoand her crew, of the families that were left behind with no graves to mourn at, no bodies to bury, and the mystery of why no one escaped from the sinking sub.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | History
  • Broadcaster:
    PBS USA 2017
  • Producer:
    Moshman Productions for PBS USA 2017
  • Duration:
    1x 52 & 1x 56
  • Format: