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Neighbourhood Blues S02

Presented by Rav Wilding, Neighbourhood Blues is a tough fly-on-the-wall documentary that not only sees the Police cracking down hard on crime that affects everyday lives but also allows ordinary people a voice.

Filmed over six months in Humberside, the programmes follow the work of the Police Community Teams as they confront the problems of troubled local housing estates and take on the law-breakers who are making life a misery for many of the families striving for a peaceful life.

Featuring some of the innovative Neighbourhood Policing initiatives aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour the programmes show that local needn't mean small as the local teams uncover Britain's biggest cannabis farm in a council warehouse, crackdown on cheating market stall-holders and track down a young mother missing from a blood-stained flat.

  • Genre:
    Crime | Reality | Justice
  • Broadcaster:
  • Producer:
    Raw Cut Television
  • Duration:
    40 x 45"
  • Format: