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Outback Truckers Series 1-7

Men and women in monster rigs, on marathon runs along the toughest roads and loneliest highways in the world – they are Australian Outback Truckers.

Full of dirt, drama and danger, this series follows these skilled truckers as they haul their massive loads through hell on earth where only one thing matters – getting there and back alive.

  • Genre:
    Lifestyle | Reality
  • Broadcaster:
    Discovery Channel and Seven Network Australia
  • Producer:
    Prospero Productions
  • Duration:
    Series 1: 5 x 60', Series 2: 13 x 60’,Series 3: 13 x 60’, Series 4: 13 x 60’, Series 5: 13 x 60’, Series 6: 13 x 60, Series 7: 13 x 60’
  • Format: