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Overland Series 16

For the 16th season Overland presents an exciting journey amongst the people and landscapes of the Andes. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, the team travel to temples full of history, unpaved tracks, high altitude deserts and salt lakes, all of which will be condensed into 8 episodes that will bring spectators on a journey stretching from the 500 years in the past until the present day.

Overland 16 'The roads of the Incas: Bolivia and Peru' leads us to the ancient places of worship of the Incas, which conserve the legends surrounding the origins of these people and the prophecies of their unfortunate demise. Various occasions allow us to come into contact with the local populations in a profound manner, after the glory of the Inca conquest of large parts of South America, they suffered all sorts of humiliation.

  • Genre:
    Adventure | Travel
  • Broadcaster:
    RAI Italy
  • Producer:
    Overland Network
  • Duration:
    S16: 8 x 50' - Also available in Italian and English (dub)
  • Format: