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Overland Series 17

This time Overland’s journey will be crossing through 4 of the most beautiful and fascinating nations of South-East Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. It will be an opportunity to discover traditions, cultures, populations, natural wonders and tragedies from a past that is never too far away, with a succession of breath taking encounters and 4WD adventures. Overland 17 "Extreme South-East Asia " takes us on a journey of discovery in four Countries that are as close to one another as they are unique and diverse. However, they share a common feature in that they each host places of exceptional beauty that are profoundly linked to local history, culture and religion.

  • Genre:
    Adventure | Travel
  • Broadcaster:
    RAI Italy
  • Producer:
    Overland Network
  • Duration:
    S17: 8 x 50'
  • Format: