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Predator Bloodlines is through this mechanism that individuals inherit the unique code for survival. The fight for survival is universal, the fight for legacy sets these five extraordinary characters and their families apart. With our camera lens having captured these animals’ lives daily for three years, the series allows viewers to witness personalities that defy expectation, to see determination without equal, and to watch these characters navigate the extreme tribulations of life in the wild where bloodlines are everything and they strive at all costs to conquer the ultimate prize: survival for themselves and their kin. In these five epic tales of survival, viewers can expect to meet relatable characters that take them on an emotional journey that involves dramatic kills by precision hunters, flagrant love affairs, the joy of new life and young life maturing, as well as the tragedy of loss, victory, and failure, as a cast of enigmatic enemies and crafty competition is encountered. Survival is brutal as drought and disease must be conquered. Only the supreme live to leave a legacy.

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    5 x 60"
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