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Redesign My Brain

In 2013, Todd Simpson put brain training to the test in the ground-breaking series Redesign My Brain. This unique, transformative and interactive experience ended up as one of the most watched Australian science documentary series. Todd continues this incredible journey in Redesign My Brain, Series 2.

Episode 1: HELP ME ADAPT  Todd will discover how to become more Adaptable. To prove that it is possible he will be challenged to climb a 120-metre rock-face blindfolded.

Episode 2: SHARPEN MY SENSES  Todd sets out to improve his Senses: sight, hearing and touch. To prove that his sensory perception has been enhanced, Todd will compete in a safe-cracking competition.

Episode 3: MAKE ME BRAVE  Todd will learn how to best Manage Fear. To demonstrate it is possible to overcome fear Todd will walk on a wire across two skyscrapers – a world first for someone new to wire walking.



BEST FACTUAL TELEVISION SERIES & BEST DOCUMENTARY - 2014 ATOM Award - Science, Technology & the Environment

  • Genre:
    Science | Technology
  • Broadcaster:
    ABC Australia, Discovery Networks International, Discovery Science USA, TV Ontario Canada and Société Radio-Canada
  • Producer:
    Mindful Media Pty Ltd
  • Duration:
    S1: 3 x 60', S2: 3 x 60'
  • Format: