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Saturday Kitchen

New international episodes of this outstanding BBC series continue to provide mouth-watering food, celebrity guests and great chefs.

Join host James Martin for weekly wine tasting segments, a competitive 3-egg omelette challenge for the guest chefs and a viewer-voted recipe prepared at the end of each episode.

The series regularly achieves an audience of over 3 million viewers for its Saturday morning slot in the UK.

  • Genre:
  • Broadcaster:
    BBC One UK (international versions created in association with Flame Productions)
  • Producer:
    Cactus TV Limited
  • Duration:
    S1: 20 x 50’ & 2 x 50’ (Christmas & New Year’s Specials), S2: 20 x 50’, S3: 20 x 50’, S4: 16 x 50 plus 2 x 50’ (Christmas & New Year’s Specials, S5: 10 x 50'
  • Format: