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Start Me Up

Car-crazy Mike O’Donnell (MOD) and mechanically brilliant Martin Lafferty love cars, and on Start Me Up their mission is simple: find those overlooked, forgotten or abandoned classic cars hidden around the countryside and start them up.

But the odds are stacked against them - these vehicles haven't run for years. That's where Martin's skill with the tools comes in - and MOD's contacts whom he seeks out for those vital spare parts.

The characters MOD meets are classics too - the quirky, interesting 'shed guys' with stories to tell and cars to discover. So let's fuel up, hit the gas and get this show on the road!

  • Genre:
    Lifestyle | Entertainment | Cars & Motors
  • Broadcaster:
    TVNZ/ 2018
  • Producer:
    SMU Media
  • Duration:
    6 x 30 min
  • Format: