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Strictly Jewish

Candid, colourful, and moving, in equal measure, ‘Strictly Jewish’ opens an intriguing and revealing window into a spiritual, devout, mystical, secretive and often surprising world that has managed to shun modernity despite the tsunami of temptation in the modern world. It is, in many ways, a time capsule on arguably the last bastion of antiquity existing in Jewish Australia in the 21st century, a window into a secret world that has managed to maintain its tradition half a world away from its European roots. That such a subculture can exist freely in Australia in 2015 is – as all our lead cast freely admit – a reflection of our multicultural society, even though Adass members consider themselves utterly different to the rest of Australian society. But where are the technological red lines between what is and isn’t permitted? And how will this insular community resist the trappings and temptations of modernity as the   wi-fi world envelops us?

  • Genre:
    Culture | Lifestyle
  • Producer:
    Mint Pictures
  • Duration:
    1 x 51min
  • Format: