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The Best of Asia Pacific Sports - General Sports Magazine

We bring you over 100 hours of quality sports content covering a variety of exciting international sports filmed across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The content features everything from sailing to triathlon, Ironman, action sports, mountain biking, water sports and bull riding.

Sporting Paradise

General Sports Magazine Show.

Australia's Greatest Athletes

8-hr reality sports series to unearth Australia's Greatest Athlete. Featuring the cream of Australian sport: Lote Tiquiri, Ricky Pointing, Andrew Symonds, Billy Slater, Jamie Whincup, Steve Hooker, Michael Slater, etc

X Venture Corporate Sport Challenge

8-hour reality TV series staged on Great Barrier Reef featuring 20 companies competing over 4 days. 
Developed for national & international TV markets. Now the world?s most widely viewed corporate challenge. Supported by Events Qld.

Quicksilver Pro Surfing

The Quiksilver Pro is the premier event and starting point for the surfing championship tour on the shores of Australia's Gold Coast.

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