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The Best of New Zealand with Nick Honeyman

The Best of New Zealand with Nick Honeyman is a new 8-part series featuring one of New Zealand’s hottest young culinary stars. Nick travels around the country meeting farmers and sampling fresh produce along the way before turning it all into delicious recipes. The cooking is done on location against the stunning natural back drops of arguably one of the most scenic countries in the world. Young and energetic, Nick always has an eye for adventure and his fresh food safari sees him jumping into helicopters, jumping out of planes and riding in 4-wheel drive vehicles. He pulls fresh mussels out of the sea, tastes honey from a hive and picks Kiwifruit off a vine.

South African by birth, an Australian by choice, Nick has settled in New Zealand and has a friendly manner and wry humour that will appeal to an international audience.

  • Genre:
    Food | Lifestyle | Reality
  • Broadcaster:
    The Asian Food Channel
  • Producer:
    KM Media Ltd
  • Duration:
    8 x 30 min
  • Format: