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The Chronicles of Ernes

Narrated by Northern Irish actor Colin Morgan (Humans and Merlin) “The Chronicles of Erne” is a four-part documentary series about the Erne River system in Co. Fermanagh, the western most county in Northern Ireland. Filmed over a year, each episode concentrates on the unfolding of one season, following the changes in the natural beauty of this unique waterscape and the lives of the people and wildlife that have made the Erne their home.

The setting for the series covers Lower and Upper Lough Erne, an alluring area in the South West region of Northern Ireland – and surely one of UK's best kept secrets, until now. The characters’ stories take us to the hidden gems on the lakes, the nooks and crannies where the big boats can’t get to, revealing treasures and untold tales. With over 500 square km and 150 islands there are plenty of stories to tell.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Nature
  • Broadcaster:
    BBC Northern Ireland
  • Producer:
    Waddell Media
  • Duration:
    4x 30'
  • Format: