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The Greatest Air Race

The Greatest Air Race is presented and narrated by astronaut Andy Thomas as he embarks on a trans-continental journey to retell one of the world’s greatest aviation stories.

In 1919, four Australians became the first men to fly across the globe. They flew from London to Darwin in a rudimentary plane made of canvas, wire and wood, sitting in open cockpits with only a compass for navigation. They completed the 11,000 mile journey in 28 days.

It was an extraordinary feat of endurance and a milestone for mankind, opening the world to trans-global flight. Yet 100 years later their achievement is all but forgotten. As the centenary passes, it’s time to inspire a new generation.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | History | Travel
  • Broadcaster:
    SBS Australia
  • Producer:
    All of Us Productions
  • Duration:
  • Format: