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The Mercy Ship

This observational documentary follows seven medical professionals from Northern Ireland as they head to Madagascar as volunteers on the floating hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

Northern Irish people give more money to charity than any other part of the UK, but when that translates into giving up your daily life at home and working in an intense environment such as the Mercy Ships, the ideas that seemed very clear at a distance can become more difficult.

The Africa Mercy is an extraordinary operation. The converted luxury cruise ship (should be converted rail ferry) needs over 400 volunteers from over 40 nations to make it operational. It has give operating theatres, recovery, intensive care, and low dependency wards - totalling 82 patient beds. It has world-class scanning facilities onboard and can also transmit information instantaneously via satellite for consultations with experts around the world.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Health | Medical
  • Producer:
    Waddell Media
  • Duration:
    1 x 40 mins
  • Format:
    HD 1920X1080