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The Sound Barrier

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that allows deaf and hard-of-hearing  people to again experience sound, bypassing the sensory ‘hair cells’ of the cochlea to send signals directly to the auditory nerve.

The ability to hear is something that most people take for granted. While for some 'deafness' is a cherished identity, for others it is a barrier to overcome. At Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital Dr. Laura Viani heads a world class team of surgeons, audiologists and speech and language therapists. Filmed over a year with unprecedented access, The Sound Barrier follows a number of people who decide to receive a cochlear implant and captures their remarkable journey from silence to sound.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Health | Medical
  • Broadcaster:
    RTE Ireland
  • Producer:
    Loose horse Ltd
  • Duration:
    1 x 53'
  • Format: