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Wild Menu

“WILD MENU” is a 26-episode series that reveals and go into detail about one of the most important activities animals engage in: eating. A significant part of any creature’s life is dedicated to feeding and finding food. Animals’ anatomy, ethology and physiology are all designed to gather enough energy to perform the rest of their vital functions.

In other words, eating is essential to life, and “WILD MENU” shows the importance of eating and the thousands of different strategies and adaptations living things depend on for their sustenance. In a fun, exciting and lighthearted way, but with the utmost scientific rigor, the series compares the world to a giant restaurant where everything is on the menu.

Over 26 episodes we discover the most amazing dishes, their dietary properties, how animals are specialized, how they search for food or how much time they dedicate to their meals.

Each episode covers a different culinary theme, like a cooking show that demonstrates how each dish is prepared, with ingredients, dietary properties, the best way to consume them, whether it’s a casual affair or black tie only or what kind of table manners each species displays at “dinnertime”.

A fun script, full of joking references to gastronomy and cooking shows, helps us understand the menus of carnivorous animals and their adaptations, of granivores, of seafood lovers or strict vegetarians.

Each episode, with its own theme, presents very different species, adding up to a general panorama full of rhythm, information and entertainment.

  • Genre:
    Documentary | Wildlife
  • Producer:
    LIC China
  • Duration:
    26 x 26 min
  • Format: